For the maintenance as simple as possible of glass objects ordered from our company, we can apply anti-scale or anitifouling treatments.

Anti-scale treatments

The glass elements used in a humid environment such as the doors or showers cabinets or the glass walls for aquariums are subject to the action of limestone that is present in water.

In order to facilitate the process of glass maintenance, it can be treated even from the factory by using special solutions. Thus, the glass will not present limescale anymore in time, minimal maintenance being required. The only requirement is to not use acid substances for cleaning the glass.

Antifouling treatments

Sandblasted glass offers an extremely pleasant design, but it can sometimes be difficult to maintain. Even a simple touch can leave very visible and annoying fingerprints.

For the easy maintenance of sandblasted glass, we can provide solutions for reducing dirt buildup such as dust or other substances in the environment, but also the fingerprints left on simply touching. Thus, these objects are maintained much more easily in time.

It is an ideal solution especially for shower cabinets, for the doors of street shops or the shop windows made of sandblasted glass that are subject to the action of external factors. Thus, if up to now you have avoided sandlasted glass believing it is more difficult to maintain, it is no longer the case.

The antifouling treatment is easy to apply and does not require any special preparation. The solution applied does not change its colour and does not affect the colour of glass.

The anti-scale and antifouling treatments are the results of the latest discoveries in the field of nanotechnology. The superior quality is guaranteed for us by the reputation of the supplier, one of the greatest manufacturers in the field of nanotechnology in Germany.

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