The modern technology for glass processing and customization allows transforming it in order to obtain authentic objects of art. In this case, we are talking especially about stained or painted glass, but exceptional works can be also obtained by sandblasting.

Recent years have brought the additional possibility to digitally print any image on glass by the accurate reproduction of colours. It is a new step in the glass industry since logos, acronyms or even portraits or landscapes with complex colours can be reproduced.

In the factory in Iași we have the equipment available to manufacture these types of customized glass.

Stained glass

The production of stained glass is based on a system that uses a wide range of high quality pigmented resins that maintain their color in time. Resins are applied to glass by a CNC machine simulating lead networks from a classic stained glass, the glass being subsequently coloured in order to create detailed decorative glass. Although the contour is executed by an automatic machine, the color is manually applied by our artists, conferring a unique design to each work. This technology has become one of the most frequently used in the branch of decorative glass due to the much lower price in comparison with classic stained glass.

We are grateful to the engineers and chemists from CadRam in London for the effort made to create an alternative to the traditional stained glass.

The materials necessary for producing this type of stained glass are imported directly from the manufacturer in Great Britain.

In the last four years, we have executed various works using this type of stained glass for natural persons, but especially for churches. The quality of colours and resins gives resistance to our work, therefore, it was possible to fit many of the stained glass windows made by us on the outside without impairing their design over time.

We make stained glass windows of all sizes and we can combine this technique with other techniques of glass processing. Thus, stained glass can be made on sandblasted glass or on glass that is cut in special shapes.

Stained glass windows can be made according to a model provided by the customer or, depending on its destination, whether it is an entrance door, a glass ceiling or interior doors, our artists can propose creative graphic elements which should be perfectly integrated into the interior or exterior decorated space.


There are two types of sandblasting, mechanical and chemical sandblasting. In our country, mechanical sandblasting is mainly used. Mechanical sandblasting is performed by spreading sand on the glass in order to make it frosted. We can obtain frosting to a lesser or greater degree, even 3D effects, depending on the pressure of the sand and the duration of sandblasting – see gallery. Chemical sandblasting is performed by applying a solution on the surface of glass, the result obtained being chemical glazing.

Sandblasting can be performed in order to opacify the glass, for example, for entrance doors, passage doors or glass shower cabinets, but it is a very interesting decorative procedure. It can be compared to the effect of black and white photography in which the shades define contours and give free rein to imagination.

Sandblasted glass elements, in combination with elements of glazed glass, fit perfectly into a limited range of colors.

Sandblasted glass also matches furniture doors or it can be used to produce graphic elements such as acronyms, logos or mottos that should confer a high sense of customization in public spaces or institutions.

Painted Glass

The glass is painted by using a special spray gun for painting, which is loaded with the desired color. One color is usually applied on glass, for example for handrails, covering certain walls with glass or for manufacturing the furniture made of glass.

You can choose any colour from the RAL spectrum.  At the footer of the page, you can find a document containing the full range of RAL colours from which you can choose.


The faithful printing of an image on a piece of glass can have many uses both in the residential, and especially in the business area.

For example, you can print on the front glass of a table a commercial that will last in time or you can create very interesting custom objects made of glass and more such examples can be provided.

Whether they are taken from the Internet, photographed and processed by specialized software, the patterns made by printing will always please customers, even the most demanding ones.

Give voice to your imagination and we can help you have the desired images printed on every piece of glass.

Contact us for details on the possibilities of glass customization according to your wishes or projects.


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