Have you ever wondered why the glass from the door of an oven is resistant without any problems? This is possible because heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 750 °C, continuous fire, is used.

Heat-resistant glass is mainly used for the doors of ovens, fireplaces or furnaces. It can be also used for wall covering where normal glass would break because of heat, for example near the cooker or other heat sources.

Our company manufactures insulating glass with varied surfaces and shapes or atypical shapes, according to mould. The glass is 4mm thick and we can make holes in order to fix the accessories and the necessary hardware. The glass can be also subject to other types of processing such as sandblasting in order to obtain a custom design.

The heat-resistant glass from GIBA has been tested up to about 700°C, and then instantly cooled with water, heated to 700°C and cooled again. This process was repeated 4 times, without noticing any effect on the glass. It is a brutal way of testing with a sequence that is not found in a normal way of use, which guarantees a very high strength over time.

Do you want a price quote? Contact us or send to office@giba-glass.ro the price quote in millimeters or the mould according to which you wish us to produce the insulating glass. We will answer to you as soon as possible.