Nowadays, if you pass through Iași or through the surrounding localities and admire a building with a restored façade, it is very likely that our company manufactured the double-glazed window. Besides the works on the local market, we have executed exceptional works in France, Italy, Belgium and even Germany.

The great number of double-glazed windows produced in the latest years gave us the opportunity to test all the types of insulating layers, spacers or types of processing, thus achieving the best performance from the technological point of view.

The special line of production of double-glazed windows is served by state-of-the-art equipment and a team that knows perfectly the whole technological flow. Thus, any order is delivered from our company exactly on the date on which it was scheduled.

We provide any type of double-glazed windows and doors:

  • Low-E double-glazed window that is 15 mm to 52 mm thick and even thicker according to the number of glass sheets
  • Low-E double-glazed window with argon that is 15 mm to 52 mm thick and even more than that according to the number of glass sheets
  • Simple double-glazed window
  • UV (4Seasons) double-glazed window (4Seasons)
  • UV (4Seasons) double-glazed window with argon
  • Dyed double-glazed window
  • Double-glazed window with ornamental glass
  • Double-glazed window with decorative glass
  • Reflective double-glazed window
  • Anti-theft double-glazed window
  • Low-E or UV (4Seasons) anti-theft double-glazed window

Regardless of the desired area or the dimensions required, you can contact us for taking an order and discussing the deadlines for delivery.

What are double-glazed windows?

The double-glazed window is generally understood as the whole product made of glass, PVC joinery and the locking or hinge mechanisms forming the modern windows that allow a transfer of heat which is much lower than traditional windows. In other words, in winter, the heat is kept inside and, in summer, the heat is kept outside, thus supporting the radical improvement of the building thermal comfort.

By double-glazed window we refer strictly to the glass produced and processed by our company, a superposition of two layers of glass between which a layer of dry air is inserted. Hence comes the name “sandwich glass” that is sometimes used. The system was first used in the 70’s.

Glass can be treated so as to filter UV rays – the windows used especially for office buildings – or it can be treated to further reduce the transfer of heat through radiations, thus obtaining the so-called Low-E or the 4Seasons glass.

The air between the two sheets of glass may have different compositions. At present, the most effective element is argon. The distance between the sheets of glass may vary from one manufacturer to another.

If we go further into details, we can discover the complexity of the process of producing double-glazed windows, the best solutions being chosen by us at any stage of production.

For example, standard windows are composed of aluminium spacers, filled with desiccant to reduce the possibility of condensation. Although it is considered as a hard material from the structural point of view, aluminium is a very efficient thermal conductor and entails differences in temperature between the center and the edges of the glass, resulting in a potential condensation and drop in the “U” value of the double-glazed window. In order to fight this effect, “warm-edge” spacers can be used. They are manufactured from a plastic composite insulating material that acts as a barrier against heat loss. Thus, the heat lost through the edges of the glass is reduced, hence the name of warm-edge (warm edge) spacer. The use of this type of spacer in the composition of double-glazed windows will increase considerably their efficiency.

In the production process, we also take into account what is called U Value, the heat transfer coefficient of the glass that describes how high the thermal conductivity is. In other words, the lower the U value, the less heat the glass conducts.

Besides the technical details, it is important to note the fact that the double-glazed windows produced by Giba Iași:

  • use the latest technologies in the field;
  • ensure a minimum heat transfer from the inside to the outside and vice versa;
  • can be produced in a wide range, from simple shapes to custom windows;
  • are produced during the period estimated at the moment of ordering.

Moreover, our team of technicians constantly tests new technologies or materials that emerged on the market in order to be able to provide our customers with the best performing products from the point of view of thermal efficiency.

Do you need double-glazed windows? Contact us!