Glass doors radically transform the interior of a house and confer a special aspect to the office. They confer fluidity to space, increase it from the visual point of view, provide more light, especially when they are located outside.

Moreover, glass doors are produced with that elegance specific to this material and the processing techniques can turn them into authentic works of art. Whether they have sandblasted glass or elegant stained or clear glass, especially if the door makes the transition towards a terrace that has good lighting or is full of greenery, choosing a glass door can sometimes be a challenge, but with exceptional results.

Glass doors have gained more ground in the plans of architects and interior designers. This was also possible due to the new technologies that allow processing glass so that it should be strong enough, should allow fixing systems and modern hinges, should have surfaces processed and so that the glass should not be only simple, but also matte or displaying a custom design.

You should not worry about the simple choice of a glass door. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of interior or exterior glass doors: massive doors with anti-theft glass, sandblasted doors with custom patterns, sliding passage doors, doors with insulating glass in order to be located in the direction of the balcony, the terrace or interior garden.

The glass of superior quality and the latest processing technologies that we use allow us to produce modern, elegant glass doors that meet the latest standards in construction and interior design.

We produce the following doors:

  • hinged and sliding glass doors for residential buildings
  • hinged and sliding glass doors for the office
  • hinged and sliding glass doors for commercial spaces
  • harmonic glass doors
  • any other type of glass doors with locking systems incorporated.

For your modern bathrooom, we produce glass showers cabinets.

Being much more resistant and more easily to maintain than the plastic shower cabinets, the glass ones can be provided in the sizes requested by the customer and can have atypical or rectangular curves. The doors can be sliding ones or have a normal opening.

Glass shower cabinets can be transparent or opaque to a certain degree as required by the customer, they can be painted or partially sandblasted, can be made from a glass that is more or less thick according to requirements.

The glass used for shower cabinets is extremely resistant. It is very resistant to high temperatures, whether you prefer a hot shower or sudden changes in temperature: cold-hot or hot-cold. In exceptional cases, if the glass of the shower cabinet breaks because of an accidental impact, the glass does not spread on the floor. Shards remain stuck to a safety foil, thus unpleasant accidents being avoided.

By using the anti-scale and antifouling treatments that we provide, the glass shower cabinets remain clear over time and are very easily maintained.

You can choose from our range of glass doors or shower cabinets. We guarantee the high quality of products and an advantageous price.

We ensure both safe transport services and the installation performed by our team of specialists.

Irrespective of the order size, we deliver the order within the deadline set.

Contact us for details and orders!